What happens to my puppy’s “baby” teeth when they fall out?

English: Golden retriever puppy, three months ...

English: Golden retriever puppy, three months old. (Daisy Parker) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Puppies are born with baby teeth, just like babies.  When your puppy is about 5 months old he/she will begin to lose their baby teeth.

But what happens to the teeth they lose?

As a veterinarian I never paid much attention to where the teeth go, but always assured owners that their puppy would love their teeth at the right times, despite the owner’s efforts to “see” this process in action. Now that I am the owner of a 6 month old puppy I thought it would be interesting to chronicle where the puppy teeth go, and why owners shouldn’t be worried.

Lucy my 6 month old Airedale puppy, otherwise known as “the devil”, has left teeth in a variety of places. Her favorite spot is embedded in the skin of Linus my other dog. I have had teeth left on me, embedded in rawhide chews and even coughed up onto the floor. I’m pretty certain I saw several teeth in her stool after she swallowed them, and even saw her chew on one. No matter what happens to the teeth remember that you may see blood spots on toys, or in other places until your dog’s gum clots and the blood stops. The mouth has a very large blood supply which can cause bleeding to seem excessive. Do not be concerned, this bleeding is normal and will stop.

Your dog is preprogrammed to lose teeth at a certain age. Those teeth will end up being swallowed, lost and deposited in toys. Losing puppy teeth is part of growing up. Unfortunately, until those teeth are completely lost, the process is most painful for pet owners and their families; just ask my 1 year old how he feels about being my puppy’s chew toy.

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